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    Providing high quality mapping and imagery products with speed and precision.

Drake Survey & Mapping
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We provide aerial surveys to clients worldwide.
Drake's philosophy is to provide our clients with extremely high quality mapping and imagery products, rapidly. Independent industry advisors, small-unmanned aerial system (SUAS) field technicians and professional surveyors approve our air operations.

Infrastructure Development
Infrastructure Development and Civil Engineering Support
Mineral Exploration
urban planning
Urban Planning
environmental planning
Environmental Planning

About Us

Drake Survey & Mapping uses a variety of technologies to deliver geospatial information to a range of industries and market sectors. We offer our services to support civil engineering and infrastructure development, mineral exploration and mine management, environmental planning and rehabilitation, as well as urban and agricultural planning.

Our Services

Linear route surveying allows for accurate surveys for the planning and documenting of power lines, pipelines, railway lines and all forms of infrastructure, whether new or existing. We run a fleet of SUAS craft with a variety of mounted sensors providing aerial imagery and products derived from the full spectrum of imaging sensors. We record both still and video photography. The accuracy of our surveys varies according to client requirements, with specifications ranging from 20cm contours to 2cm contours. Image resolution similarly ranges from 100m to 30cm. Drake Survey & Mapping integrates all of this geospatial information together via our Geographic Information System (GIS) capability, tailored according to customer requirements.